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I really love the site, But I really wish it had a Boolean search feature. It would be a lot easier to use if you could do a search that eliminated certain things. For instance, if you're looking for a fanfiction, it would be nice to eliminate podfics from the results.

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I suspect that one of trash dilemmas of the early 21st century will turn out to be obsolete media.
I'm engaged in a massive decluttering effort around my house, and I'm puzzled by how to dispose of the various kinds of obsolete media I've accumulated: cassette tapes, videocassettes, zip disck, old cd-roms and 3.25 inch disks. Are any of these recyclable? How easy is it for someone else to come along and get the information off them (and steal my identity in the process)?
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The high cost of home ownership

The thing I find disconcerting about being a home owner is the high cost of major replacements. Last year I spent $5000 on a new heat pump (at least I got a tax credit to compensate for it). A couple of years before that it was about that much to have tile installed in the kitchen. This year it's going to have to be a new deck. (I hope that it won't be more than $5000 to replace it.) The deck is rotting. It has been in relatively bad shape since I bought the house, and now it's at the point of dangerously rotten. I have plenty of other places I could be putting this kind of money, so it hurts to think of a big chunk of my savings going one place, even though I know it needs to be done.